There are a number of reasons you might want to hide a guest bed. Perhaps you have a studio apartment in the city and need to maximise space while also being able to put guests up for the night. Or perhaps you don’t have guests often enough to warrant a permanent bed. Whatever your reason, sometimes hiding guest beds is a necessary part of owning them. Here, we offer some top tips on how to do just that.

Choose a sofa bed or day bed

Sofa and day beds are a handy way of hiding a bed, as they fold neatly up into a convenient sitting area when not in use. If you are tight on space or don’t have guests that often, you can use these options primarily as seating, then turn them into a place to sleep when necessary. Both are available in a range of styles, from traditional to contemporary, enabling you to match them to your décor, so they’re a versatile option too.

Choose a folding guest bed

If you want to store the bed away completely, a folding guest bed is a great option. Easy to set up and put away, these beds take up minimal space and can be made up in minutes. There’s no need for a permanent piece of furniture – all you need is a cupboard or nook to keep it safe while it’s not in use.

Install a Murphy bed

If you’ve got limited space in your guest room, consider a Murphy bed – one that folds down from the wall. Made to look like a cabinet or wood panels, a Murphy bed can fit the rest of your décor without taking up a lot of floor space, and when your guests come you can simply fold it down to give them a good night’s sleep. They also use standard mattresses, which can be stored away on the bed, so no heavy lifting is required.

Use a curtain or screen

If you’ve got a large, open-plan living area where you want to put guests up for the night, they’ll need some privacy. This can be achieved with a curtain or screen, which shields the guest bed from view, allowing you to relax with a cup of tea while your guests sleep in. Again, it’s easy to find materials and designs that suit the style of your room, and screens in particular provide an interesting feature while simultaneously hiding guest beds.

Install a pull-out bed

Pull-out beds are our final suggestion. These take a number of forms – you can install beds that pull out from desks or platforms, for example, or a single day bed that has a pull-out trundle that turns it into a double. These are great when you have limited space and need to maximise it. And if they’re built into the overall room design, no-one need ever know they’re there when you don’t have guests.

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