Creating the perfect guest room takes an eye for detail and a little home-spun magic. But if you fear you’re lacking in that department, don’t worry – we have some fantastic tips to ensure your guests will want for nothing.

The décor

The colour of a guest room has an impact on how relaxing it is for your guests. Choose a palette that is calming rather than stimulating – in other words, avoid bright yellows, reds and greens and instead choose soothing colours like greys, light blues and pale purples. Equally, if you’re wallpapering, pick a pattern that isn’t too busy. You can add accents here and there, but the overall feeling should be one of rest and relaxation.

The bed

Whether you’re opting for a pull out bed, a fixed bed or a day bed, it must be inviting and comfortable. Choose the mattress wisely and select bed linen that is of a good quality, with a high thread count. These small but important details will go a long way to making your guests feel at home.

If you’re using a fold up bed, ensure there is somewhere neat to store it when it’s not in use. This might be a cupboard or nook, or the bed may fold away to look like a piece of furniture. Either way, consider how you want to use the space when you don’t have anyone staying.

The lighting

When you’re ready to drift off, the last thing you want to do is get out of bed to turn the lights off. To create a calming ambience, use additional, soft lighting within reach of the bed – either bedside lamps or a standing lamp. This ensures the light isn’t too harsh, preventing relaxation, and means guests can simply reach over to turn out the light when they’re ready.

Provide the essentials

While you may not be able to go the whole way and provide tea, coffee and little biscuits for your guests, you can still provide some essentials for their stay. If the room has an en suite bathroom, provide towels and soap. You can also ensure there’s wardrobe or drawer space for clothes and hooks for jackets or dressing gowns. It may sound odd, but a bin is also useful for guests to dispose of tissues, cleansing wipes and other sundries. These little items go a long way towards a comfier stay.

Nice touches

Simple yet appealing touches can be made to a guest room to give it that little something special. A pot plant on the windowsill, for example, can brighten things up and bring something of the natural world indoors. Or a couple of recent magazines can give your visitors something to flick through idly before bed or while they sip their morning coffee. A welcome basket of fruit or snacks will also help people feel at home when they arrive.

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