You’ve moved into your house. You’ve cleaned, prepped and decorated, and now you’re ready to receive guests. But how do you create the perfect bedroom – and more importantly, the perfect bed – to ensure they feel entirely at home? We’ve put together a few tips on keeping your special guests comfortable. Feel free to employ them in your own room too! 

  1. Get the basics right

You’ll never manage to create a comfy bed if you don’t provide a cosy duvet and fluffy pillows. Eider down is not essential (although your guests will thank you for it), but ensure the items you buy are well-filled and the pillows sufficiently supportive. Take into account the temperature too – if you have guests year round you may want to invest in a lighter duvet for summer and a thicker one for winter to ensure everyone can sleep soundly.

  1. Invest in good linen

Whether you have a pull out bed, a fold up bed, or a fixed double, the same rule applies – don’t skimp on the linen. When shopping for duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases, pay attention to the materials and thread counts. As a rough guide, cotton covers with a thread count of 300-400 are what you want to look for to achieve a luxurious feel without breaking the bank.

  1. Layer your pillows

There’s nothing worse than going to bed to find you’ve got one measly pillow to sleep on. Layering up pillows of different shapes or sizes and patterns not only makes a bed look stylish, it enables your guests to choose how many pillows they want to sleep on. They can pop any spares onto the floor and enjoy a perfectly supported night’s sleep.

  1. Pop on a mattress topper

A mattress topper is a great investment for when you have guests that require extra softness or warmth. Most people opt for a medium or firm mattress to maximise support – which suits most guests fine – but sometimes you’ll have someone stay who prefers to sink in to the mattress. Popping on a mattress topper will fulfil that need, giving them a comfy and cosy night. It’s also a good way to mask the break in the mattresses if you’re using a pull out bed or daybed to accommodate your guests.

  1. Do the laundry

This tip may seem obvious, but there is something luxurious about snuggling up under freshly washed linen. Ensuring your sheets are fresh is easy when you’ve got a fold up bed, as you’ll need to put it away when not in use, necessitating cleaning the sheets. But don’t neglect this job when you have guests staying in a fixed bed.

  1. Forgo the top sheet

These days, top sheets aren’t expected and often only end up in a heap at the bottom of the bed come morning. Using good linen means you can safely ditch the top sheet without affecting your guests’ night. There’ll be no inconvenient tangles and it’s one less item for you to wash!

If you’re unsure where to start with your guest beds, contact Bed Kings today for help with finding the perfect option.