Whether it’s family, friends or complete strangers that are coming to stay, you want to make sure they’ll feel immediately at home when they visit. When planning your guest room, thin about what you’d like to find when you stay at a hotel. It doesn’t need to be five-star luxury – many of us are on a budget after all – but it does need to be welcoming and calming.

Here, we offer our tips on ensuring your guest room feels like home.

1. Get the best possible bed

There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep in an uncomfortable bed with an unsupportive mattress, so whether you’re considering a day bed with storage for your guest room, a fold up bed or a traditional one, get the best quality one you can afford. Shopping in the sales is a great way to get more for your money.

2. Invest in bedding

As well as ensuring you buy nice, plump pillows and a warm duvet, provide extra blankets and pillows so that your guests can use what they need to get comfy. It may be worth getting two duvets – one for summer and one for winter – so that you’re guests can be at a comfortable temperature.

3. Provide clothes storage

If your guests are staying for a while they’ll need somewhere to store their clothes. Furnish the room with a wardrobe or closet where possible or at the very least a chest of drawers and some coat hooks. That way they’re not living out of a suitcase for weeks on end.

4. Leave surface space

As tempting as it may seem to adorn empty surfaces with ornaments and vases of flowers, bear in mind that your guests will want somewhere to leave their own belongings at the end of the day. Leave space for a book or jewellery on the bedside table, and provide a chair for clothes to be laid out for the morning.

5. Provide somewhere to sit

A daybed is an excellent choice in a guest room, because it doubles as a place for visitors to sit. Not everyone feels comfy sitting on a bed, so this option means they have a sofa to use during the day. Alternatively, if you have room, provide a couple of arm chairs to relax in.

6. Light the way

Many of us neglect the lighting side of things when preparing a guest room, providing only a main, overhead light. This isn’t ideal if your guests want softer light to read by, or a light they can switch off without having to get up. Add bedside lamps or a stand alone light within reach so they can get ready for sleep easily.

7. Add the basics

Finally, there are certain items that make all the difference to guests’ comfort. Make the room feel like home by adding an analogue clock, some bottled water, a hair dryer and basic toiletries. Ensure there are plug sockets visible too, so visitors can charge their devices.

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