When it comes to getting in the festive spirit, you might decide to decorate your bedroom. If you’re wondering where to start, here are 7 ideas to get you in the mood for a little creativity.

Rearrange furniture

While you’re unlikely to paint the walls or invest in Christmas wallpaper for one day of the year, it is important to think about the furniture arrangement before you get stuck into temporary decoration ideas. If you’ve people coming to stay, put that daybed with storage or pull-out mattress in position so you know how much room you’ve got to play with. Then you can get onto the fun stuff.

Get arty

Kids love arts and crafts, so if you’ve little ones running around why not encourage them to create a Christmas picture which they can hang up in their room? Anything glittery is always a winner and you can also create snowmen and snow scenes with white paint or by gluing cotton wool onto a pre-drawn out design. Paper plate Santa Claus pictures also look great or you could draw around hands and create reindeer with the fingers being the antlers. Simply paint the hand brow and add some black eyes. Draw in a smile and use some red card or paint for the nose! Hey presto.

Put up a Christmas tree

Nothing screams Christmas like a well-decorated tree. Of course, a full-sized real tree freshly transported home from a garden centre might be too big for your bedroom. All those needles on the floor could be rather inconvenient too – so how about a synthetic one? Sure, it doesn’t have the same Christmassy smell, but if you’re just looking for a bit of bedroom décor there are many great miniature trees available. Some even have fibre optic lights and baubles.

Hang lights

The twinkle of fairy lights can be wonderfully soothing. They can be draped over pictures and mirrors or carefully positioned around bedframes – just be sure not to get tangled up in your sleep. Many are battery operated so you won’t need to worry about upping your electricity bill during an already expensive time. Lights can either be coloured or plain depending on your taste.

Embrace candles

Never ever leave candles unattended. But, if you’re cosy in bed with twinkling lights around you and the baubles of a tree catching your eye, a candle might be a welcome addition. Many also smell like Christmas with orange and cinnamon scents, so shop around and get something that will give off heart-warming festive aromas.

Hang up that stocking

It sounds simple, but hanging a stocking from your door will automatically give your room a Christmassy feel. Kids need a stocking for Santa to fill anyway, so pop it up nice and early to be sure you’re ready for the Man in Red. If you’re feeling extra creative you could also draw and paint a pretend fireplace above which your stocking can be hung.

Make paper chains

You can’t beat some good old-fashioned paper chains or tinsel. These will certainly bring your bedroom to life and ensure everyone knows it is Christmas. Tinsel is sold in bulk at this time of year and paper chains are fun to put together. Pop on some festive tunes and enjoy a fun afternoon of linking strips together to form satisfying loops.

Decorating your bedroom for Christmas is fun. If you’re in need of extra beds for guests too, check out the range of day beds and mattresses available at Bed Kings.