Daybeds are a fantastic option for lounging, napping or sitting. At home in almost any room, they can fulfil a range or requirements, from sofa or additional seat, to full-time bed. Here, we suggest seven ways to get cosy with a daybed.

  1. Add cushions

If you’re looking at hard-backed day beds, you can add an extra layer of comfort to them by popping on some well-filled cushions. This is an especially good option if you are replacing your sofa with this more versatile furniture item or equipping a guest room. Cushions provide the comfort and cosiness you need while watching TV in the evening while being easily removable when you need to use the item as a bed.

  1. Drape it with a throw

Whether your daybed has a back or not, draping a throw over it that complements the style of your room can increase the cosy factor. In the winter months, you or your guests can snuggle up under it for warmth, while in summer it serves as a tempting invitation to sit down.

  1. Enhance it with upholstery

If you’ve bought a plain daybed and want it to stand out, try having a tailored cover made. You could also have matching cushion covers made, and the big benefit here is that everything will be easy to remove and wash if need be.

  1. Dress it up

A fairly simple day bed can be made into something special with the right adornments, and these don’t have to be on the bed. While a double day bed may have room for cushions and bolsters, a single may be more limited. So why not take the dressing above the bed by hanging drapes above it to make a cosy and inviting space where the bed is the focal point?

  1. Choose inviting bed linen

If you’re looking at day beds that will primarily be used for sleeping, you can make them cosy with the right choice of bed linen. Pick out a colour that complements the décor and choose soft-touch fabrics to create a luxurious feel.

  1. Add a big bolster

Adding one, long bolster to a double day bed can not only brighten it up and make it cosier, but also make the shift between sofa and bed simple. All you need do is remove the bolster for a perfect sleeping space. This is a good option for a living room, when you’ll need the daybed primarily as a sofa, but with the choice of turning it into a bed when guests stay.

  1. Invest in a tailored bed skirt

Whether you’ve chosen a daybed for the bedroom or a spare room or a living room, adding a tailored bed skirt can immediately make it feel more cosy. Choose a bold pattern to make a feature of the bed or match the skirt to the curtains for a more understated look that ties everything together.

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