You’ve just moved into your dream home, but the décor is sadly lacking. The walls are plain white and the bedroom – whether it’s yours or a guest room – just doesn’t feel like your own. But with the move, you don’t have the budget to splash out on a full refresh. What to do?

Don’t worry! Here at Bed Kings, we have lots of great ideas for how to transform a boring bedroom. Here are our favourites.

  1. Plant life

You can immediately add a splash of colour to a boring room by bringing a plant or two into it. House plants are generally inexpensive and instantly perk up a dull space, bringing you a little more joy when you wake up in the morning.

  1.  Wall art

Four bare walls can be a bit depressing, so release your inner DIY enthusiast and hang some photos or wall art to liven things up. Choose big, bold prints or make a collage from smaller images to make the room more personal.

  1. Light up

While overhead lighting is fine, it can often be too bright or feel clinical in a white-walled room. Add some texture with standing or bedside lamps that suit the style you want to eventually decorate in. You can always add candles in glass jars too for scent and softness.

  1. Add a rug

If your bedroom floor doesn’t have a carpet, warm things up with a rug. It’ll make getting out of bed more pleasant in winter and add some structure to the room.

  1. Creative cushions

If the room is furnished with a double day bed, for example, a great way to make it look more attractive is to add colourful and textured cushions. A variety of patterns and materials is available from most homeware stores, so create something inviting by mixing and matching styles.

  1. Headboard highlights

Upcycling an old headboard can transform a dull room into something more special. Use paint or prints to spice things up or add some material to create softness. If it’s a room with day beds, you can apply the same formula to jazz up the back rests.

  1. Funky accents

If you don’t have the time or budget to redecorate the whole room, simply creating an accent wall is a great way to inject some life into the room. Choose a strong colour that you love for instant pick-me-up.

  1. Bold bedding

If you have a little more to spend, you can transform a room simply by investing in new bed linen. Whether you want rustic, contemporary or playful, you can offset neutral walls by choosing a strong pattern and bold colours.

  1. Accessorise

Got a lot of empty surfaces? Pop a few ornaments onto the tops of drawers or shelving to make the room look more homely. This can be photos, candles, glassware or trinkets that take you back to a favourite holiday destination.

If you’re looking for some new furniture to jazz up a boring bedroom, take a look at the selection of day beds available at Bed Kings.