Bunk beds are excellent space savers, with triple bunk beds now being readily available. Beds of this kind are highly versatile and ideal for kids sharing a room. They can also come in incredibly handy during an impromptu sleepover. While there are many reasons to appreciate this sleeping solution, it’s important to buy the right bunk bed. Growing children need room to relax in comfort. So, aside from investing in a comfortable mattress and a snuggly duvet set, here’s how to find the perfect bunk bed.

Work out the dimensions

Whether you need a two-bed or triple-bed bunk, it’s essential to work out the dimensions of your room. After all, you don’t want to order something amazing to find it doesn’t fit into the required space. Be sure to account for your child sleeping in the bed as they’ll need enough room to climb in and out with ease and sit up to read or chat in comfort.

Decide on the bunk bed size

Many standard bunk beds come as a twin bed over the top of another twin bed. This is fine if both your children are small enough for a single bed. If you’ve an adult sharing with a child or a teenager bunking with 6-year-old, however, you may need to rethink your options. Comfort is vital and with some bunks offering a twin bed over a full-size double this might be a more appropriate option. Double beds provide a haven to those who could do with a little more space to stretch out. Similarly, if you have a child that’s particularly tall or big-boned this might be a preferred option.

Check out if the bed is adaptable

There may come a time when your children don’t want to bunk anymore. They may ask for their own individual space. While this can be a nuisance for space saving reasons, many bunk beds can actually be placed side-by-side in order to fulfil the wishes of your youngsters.

On a similar note, you may wish to opt for a bunk bed with a futon underneath that can be pulled out into a full-sized bed. Bunk beds of this kind provide additional seating space and are a great base for your kids to read, or play computer games. They also come in handy if your older child leaves home for college or moves into a different room as the bunk bed will still be highly useful, especially if you have guests come to stay.

Bunk bed/work area

Many bunk beds these days consist of a high-rise bunk with a workspace underneath. This is ideal for growing kids who need a private study area to do their homework or revise for exams. Furniture like this is also a great way to ensure your child’s room is fully-equipped even if there’s not an abundance of space.

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