Anyone who entertains on a regular basis knows that feeling of concern the first time someone new stays over – will they sleep well? As hosts, we always want our guests to feel that they’ve had a deep and refreshing night’s sleep, but what if there isn’t space for the most luxurious of beds?

Lots of people living in city apartments need a solution that’s comfy for guests and practical when there’s no-one staying. Day beds are an obvious choice in this situation, but are they as comfy, and will your guests get as good a night’s sleep? Here, we show you how a day bed can match up to the traditional variety.

Opt for quality

As with any product, the level of comfort a day bed can provide depends on its quality. Choose a well-crafted option and a good mattress and your guests will barely notice that they’re not in a regular bed. When you’re shopping, assess the type of wood or metal of the frame carefully, as well as its finish, and buy the best mattress you can afford. If you have to assemble it yourself, that doesn’t mean the quality is inferior – many great day beds come flat packed and offer a sturdy and flexible solution.

Size up

If you tend to host couples, you’ll want to think about investing in a double day bed. Not all day beds come with trundles, so make sure you pick one that does if you need to sleep two. For optimum comfort, choose one where the trundle lifts to the same level as the day bed; the resulting space is close to a king size bed, which means plenty of room for your guests to stretch out. If you’ve opted for twin mattresses, you can link them with a king sheet and duvet to ensure you provide a night’s sleep that’s as comfy as you’d find in a normal bed.

Top it off

Making a double day bed as comfy as a normal bed doesn’t end with the frame and mattress. Selecting good bed linen and supportive, fluffy pillows adds the finishing touch that can put your sleeping arrangements on par with traditional ones. Invest in a mattress topper if you’re worried about the divide in twin mattresses, and use unfitted sheets if the size isn’t quite conventional and you need some wiggle room.

Quality comfort

The secret with day beds is to invest in the best possible materials and linens; doing this will ensure yours is as comfy and cosy to sleep in as a normal bed. And the bonus is that once your guests have gone, you can transform it back to a convenient seating area.

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