Having guests to stay often means some extra housework to make your home as welcoming as possible. Not only do you have to make up the guest beds, you’ll typically need to tidy and clean too. Of course, with so much to do it can be easy to forget the little touches that ensure guests have everything they need for a comfortable stay.

Let’s explore the common mistakes people make when preparing their guest rooms so you can avoid them.
Not anticipating your guests’ needs

Most hosts will remember things like towels and an extra blanket in the winter, but everyone is different in their needs and preferences, so it pays to be really prepared. Not considering your guests’ individual needs means they may have to keep asking you for extras, which could make them feel awkward.

Give your guests as many options as you can so they feel at home. Provide extra pillows, some basic toiletries and bottled water or tea and coffee. If you know you have a vegan staying, provide soya or almond milk. Going the extra mile will be really appreciated, especially if your guests have had a long journey.

Providing a second-rate bed

Often a guest room comes second to the main bedroom, but that doesn’t mean it should have sub-standard furnishings. In particular, the bed needs to be comfy, so whether you’ve provided a fixed bed or a folding guest bed, ensure it will facilitate a good night’s sleep. A lumpy mattress or inadequate duvet can turn a night from peaceful to stressful, so be sure to make the bed as cosy and comfortable as possible.

Forgetting the activities

Another common mistake when preparing for guests is overthinking the hosting and neglecting the daytime activities. It’s easily done – you worry so much about providing a welcoming bedroom and cooking great food that when it comes to sightseeing or activities, you find yourself having to think on your feet.

Have some ideas ready, again suited to your guest’s tastes. Whether it’s museum visits and shopping or a picnic in the park and a day at the beach, have a list of go-to activities for them to choose from.

Not providing the basics

If you’re at work during a part of your guests’ stay, don’t leave them without any freedom. Ensure they are equipped with a house key if necessary, directions to the nearest bus or train station and a Wi-Fi password so they can find any information they might need. That way they have the freedom to come and go as they please while you’re at the office.

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