summer holiday bedSummer is a time when our social calendars tend to fill up fast. Whether it’s a leisurely barbecue, a children’s birthday party, or a visit from relatives, we often find ourselves needing to accommodate overnight stays. As such, a comfy bed is necessary to offer them a good night’s sleep, but your budget and the space you have is likely to guide your decision when it comes to buying. If you’ve been putting off the inevitable, it may be time to invest in a quality guest bed. Here, we provide some advice on choosing the right one.

Assess the space

What sort of space do you have available to put guests up? If you have large bedrooms, the chances are you’ll go for a regular bed, but those with less room may need to turn to other options. If you need a bed that you can store away easily, a fold up bed is the perfect option. This simple solution is typically constructed to withstand regular use, and can be neatly stowed away when there’s no-one staying. What’s more, some come with a matching mattress that can be folded away too without reducing the quality of your guests’ sleep.

Consider versatility

If you’re limited to one guest room and need a versatile option, consider a daybed or pull out bed. Many of the options available now offer a comfy single bed setup with a trundle that lifts up to form a double when needed. This is ideal if your guest room has limited space, but you require a double bed to accommodate relatives or friends occasionally.

If you’re in a studio apartment or don’t have an extra bedroom, a daybed could be the answer. These can be used as seating when no-one is staying over and are easily converted into a guest bed when you’re entertaining.

Comfort first

If you want a bed that doubles up as your primary seating area, a daybed may not offer the most appeal. In that case, consider a sofa bed. This has the advantage of providing a comfortable place to sit and watch TV, and folds out to a bed when you need it. Although they’re typically more expensive than a daybed, they offer a comfier back for you to rest against day-to-day.

Alternatively, if you’re using a fold up bed or pull out bed and simply want to offer the cosiest possible experience, you can provide a super comfy night to your guests by using good quality bed linen and soft pillows. These can be stored easily and will help them to get a sound night’s sleep even on a more basic bed.

Whatever the space in your home and whoever you’re inviting to stay, you’ll find the perfect solution at Bed Kings. Contact us today to find out more about the wide range of guest beds we have available or browse our stock online.