Not all of us only put up friends and family from time to time. With the growing popularity of accommodation solutions like Airbnb, many people are offering up their space for travellers, backpackers and holidaymakers.

That means you’ll have lots of people coming and going, and that you’ll need the kind of bed that will not only stand up to regular use, but will also provide comfort for people of all shapes and sizes. But how do you choose the best guest bed for a variety of sleepers?

Pick something sturdy

As convenient as they are, you may not want to opt for a fold up bed if you have guests staying a lot of the time. For one thing, you’ll never need to fold it away, and for another, you’ll be looking for positive reviews from your guests. To that end you’re best going for a sturdily built bed – whether that’s the traditional kind or a pull out bed that’s cleverly disguised during the day.

The latter are great for small, self-contained lodges where you want to provide guests with a flexible solution. Either way, choose a good quality bed frame made from iron or a strong wood so it can withstand heavy use.

Go straight down the middle

There’s no way you can cater to absolutely everyone who walks through your doors, so when it comes to choosing a mattress most hosts will go straight down the middle and opt for a medium softness. This is most likely to provide sufficient support as well as adequate comfort.

Bear in mind that if you’re buying for a B&B, many guests won’t be staying more than a week or two, so if the mattress isn’t entirely suited to them, it shouldn’t cause significant problems. Do invest in the best possible mattress – not only will it provide comfort for guests, it’ll last longer too.

Keep fuss to a minimum

While a day bed or sofa bed may be a great option for guest rooms that are used for other purposes, they’re likely to be impractical for frequent use. Instead, go for a regular or pull out bed that doesn’t require guests – or yourself as a host – to keep folding and unfolding it. When people are away from home they want the minimum of fuss, so a bed that’s easy to collapse on at the end of a long day is best.

Simple linen

When you have lots of people coming through your doors you’ll want to ensure not only the bed itself, but the bed linen too will suit all manner of tastes. If you’re advertising on a website or app, you’ll need to supply images and people can be put off by eccentric tastes. So, keep bed linen fairly neutral to accommodate most guests – use durable yet soft cottons with simple designs and uplifting colours. 

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