Fitting out a guest room often falls down the priority list when you’re renovating your home. But if you’ve finally got around to decorating that spare space and need a bed, now’s the time to think about what will work best. Unsure where to start?

Here are some top tips on choosing guest beds.
Type and style

Obviously one of the first things you’ll do is to identify what kind of bed will fit best in the room. You may have space to fit a single, double or even a king-sized bed, or it may be that you need to opt for a folding guest bed to preserve space when no-one is staying.

But you’ll also need to consider the style of bed frame you’re looking for. Think about what will fit with the décor of the room – does pine or oak do the trick or does the room’s overall style call for a faux-leather or fabric upholstered option? As the bed is often the focal point for a guest room, this choice will need to be made carefully.

Finally, you should contemplate the pros and cons of a headboard. Headboards can often give a bed a more luxurious feel or complement the design of the room, but if space is limited they might prove overpowering or take up space that could be used for something else.

Storage and extras

You may be one of those lucky people with a knack for tidiness and plenty of storage facilities. If not, however, you may need to consider choosing a guest bed with storage incorporated into the design. You can either pick a bed that’s high enough to slide a few boxes underneath, or opt for something like a divan bed with drawers to hide clutter neatly away.

If you’re looking to impress your guests or are tight on wall space, you may want a bed that can fit a TV into the frame. Think about these needs when searching for guest beds to ensure the design you pick meets all your needs.


From a luxury king-size bed to a folding guest bed, the style and material of the frame means little if you don’t top it with a comfy mattress. Pocket sprung and memory foam are the most prevalent, although there are other types on offer too. Choosing a mattress for a guest bed can be tricky, because you’re likely to have all kinds of people with a variety of preferences staying.

When in doubt, many go for medium or medium-firm. If you decide to follow the same route, it may be wise to have a soft mattress topper to hand so that you can cater to most people. In general, a firmer mattress offers better support for people of all shapes and sizes.

If you’re looking for the right guest bed for your home, you can find a fantastic selection of guest beds available at Bed Kings. Choose from a range of styles and sizes to meet your needs and budget.