There are many reasons why you may want to stay away from stereotypical colours like blue for boys and pink for girls when it comes to interior décor. Perhaps you’ve a brother and sister sharing a room or you want a nursery that can be used again down the line if you have another baby.

The good news is it’s perfectly possible to create a cute space that children of both genders can enjoy. Here are some useful tips to get you started.

Opt for neutral hues

Kids love bright and vibrant hues and there’s a whole colour palette you can go wild with. From yellows and greens to reds and browns, you can experiment until your heart’s content. To keep things simple you may even decide to keep the walls neutral by opting for white, cream or beige wallpaper/paint. Seemingly ‘dull’ colours can actually make a nursery, playroom or bedroom look wonderfully clean and can be brightened up by accessories such as lampshades and beanbags.

Choose a theme

While sparkly ballerina shoes and princess wallpaper will instantly shout out ‘girl’ and blue ribbons and football lampshades typically scream ‘boy,’ how about opting for a gender neutral theme? Jungle décor can work well with green walls and various animal stencils or you might decide to blast your kids to the moon with a space theme. Creating an underwater world is also a good option as you can set your kids off on a host of crafting activities such as making a sea-themed mobile or sponge painting the walls.

One of the best ways to get your kids to fall in love with a design is to seek their input. Perhaps tell them they can pick one accessory each that will complement the overall design or encourage them to make artwork for the walls. If children are sharing a room, this is a great way to prevent arguments. Children can always choose a wall each on which they’re allowed to place their homemade creations.

Opt for classic furniture

There are many cool items of furniture available these days in all sorts of colours, but when it comes to decorating a gender neutral room, metals and natural woods work well.  Pine bunk beds, for instance, look classy and will stand the test of time whether the room is being occupied by a boy or a girl. White painted wood can also look wonderfully sharp with many furniture items being offered as a visually impressive matching bedroom set.

If you don’t want to have to keep buying new furniture pieces for your home, you should also think ahead and perhaps opt for cot beds that can be converted to single beds or seek pull out beds for when kids want sleepovers.

Decorating a gender neutral room for a baby is easy. But if you’ve little ones throwing ideas around it can get trickier – although the above advice will serve you well. And if you’re looking to make the most of the space you have, don’t forget to check out the bunk beds for kids offered by Bed Kings.