If you’ve just moved into a home with a small bedroom, you might be wondering how to decorate it in a way that looks inviting, but doesn’t clutter it. If so, you’re not alone – it’s a challenge that faces those living in city-centre apartments, those with box rooms and more. Luckily, a king-size bed and antique furniture isn’t essential for stylish décor, whatever the design magazines say. Here are our top ideas on decorating and furnishing smaller spaces.

The bed

If you’re short on space and a fixed double bed just isn’t an option, don’t despair. A pull-out bed or fold up bed is a great alternative, giving you a double sized sleeping area without taking up valuable floor space when it’s not in use. With lots of people needing such a solution, there are plenty of designs out there, from beds that transform from a single to a double thanks to a pull-out feature or those that fold up to free up space.

The furniture

Keep furniture as minimal as possible and create clever storage solutions to store clothes, books and other items. You could choose a bed with drawers underneath it, for example, or add shelving above head height to stop the feeling of clutter. Need a desk? Why not pick a corner desk that can double as a nightstand?

There are lots of websites that have excellent and innovative ideas for storage, so get creative to reduce the need for wardrobes, drawer chests and more.

The décor

Light, bright colours make small spaces look much bigger than dark ones. Paint the walls with white, pastels or neutrals to ensure light reflects off them and creates an airy atmosphere, and use textured bed linen and lamp shades to maintain a cosy, comfortable feel. Similar to dark colours, heavily patterned wallpaper can close a room up, so avoid designs that are overly intricate.


In need of a bedside lamp? Before you reach for a table lamp, consider fixing your lighting to the wall. These are especially useful if your bed is tucked into a corner or you use a pull-out bed. You can also add some interest to top lights by picking a chandelier or funky shade – this adds interest without cluttering the room.

Add mirrors

Mirrors are often suggested to make small spaces look bigger. Pop a full length mirror onto a closet door to enhance the room – it saves wall space, gives you somewhere to check your outfit, and reflects light all at once.


Rather than investing in a cumbersome wardrobe, why not hang your clothes on a rail in the corner and simply use a bamboo screen or curtain to hide them if you prefer to keep them out of sight? You can add shelving above and below for shoes too while retaining an uncluttered feel.

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