Having a big family is a lot of fun, but sometimes space can feel a little tight. If your dream of a loft conversion isn’t likely to come true soon, you might be wondering how to fit three kids into a single bedroom. Don’t worry – at Bed Kings we have some creative and clever ideas for how you can give each of them their own space in a double room.

Invest in a triple bed

The most obvious choice is to buy a triple bed. You can opt either for a 3-bed bunk bed – where three singles are stacked one above the other, or opt for an arrangement where a single sits above a double. If you’ve got a double room, this could prove ideal in the short term – your eldest can retreat to the top bunk while the youngest two can cuddle together in the double.

The great thing about a double below is that it means kids will continue to have enough room as they grow. It also removes the need to have the bed against the wall as the single is supported as part of the design. You can even opt for storage under the bed, making room for shoes, toys or trinkets.

Build up

Another way to accommodate three children in a double room is to place two single beds on the floor and then add a raised bed above them. The raised bed sits across the width of the two singles, keeping everything compact and making clever use of the space. This option ensures all the kids have their own separate bed, but doesn’t compromise on space for other furniture.

An alternative for those with a little more to spend is to create a kind of mezzanine where your third child can sleep. This can be accessed by a ladder and gives older children a little more privacy.

Pull out trundle

Perhaps your little ones like to have plenty of space to play. In this case, you could consider a triple pull out bed, with trundles that pack away during the day so they can get their toys out. It’s a good option especially if your kids are younger, as they can all have their own single bed made up in their favourite colours.

Round the corner

Bunk beds are typically placed against the wall, which means you may be able to fit a double bunk into the corner, with a further bed perpendicular to it. This creates space on the floor for toys and games and ensures each child has their own sleeping area. Bunk beds come in a range of styles so you can make the sleeping space as private as necessary. You can also opt for bunks with storage if you’re tight on space for clothes or toys.

If you need to adapt your double room to accommodate three kids, check out our range of triple bunk beds, which offer clever and comfortable sleeping options.