While guest beds are essential when you have people to stay, you might find that yours needs tucking away when there’s no-one using it – either because your space is limited or because you want to use the room for a different purpose when you’re not entertaining.

If you simply need a bed for your kids’ friends to crash when they come over, or only put up those who don’t require the height of luxury, a traditional folding guest bed can do the trick. They’re comfy to sleep on and fold up neatly, leaving you with plenty of space to use the room as you wish between times.

This solution isn’t right for everyone though. If you’re looking to hide your guest beds with some decorative camouflage, there are lots of ingenious solutions out there. Here are some of our favourites.

Cushions and comfort

The easiest way to conceal a guest bed is by choosing a sofa bed or day bed and using it as seating when there’s no one staying. These types of bed are better quality than ever and you can make them into inviting seats simply by adding textured cushions and throws. No-one need ever know there’s a bed hiding under there!

Decorative screens

Another way to hide guest beds is by placing a folding screen down one side. With a range of wood, mirrored and printed screens available on the market, it’s a tasteful and cost-effective way to separate the bed off from the rest of the room when it’s not in use.

Feature wall

You may want to add some more permanent privacy to the bed in your guest room. In this case, why no pop in a stud wall to screen it off and turn the wall into a feature? You can add floating shelves and ornaments or a striking piece of art to disguise the fact that it’s there primarily to hide the bed.

Bed/desk combo

A more sophisticated solution for those with limited space or who want the spare room to double as an office is the bed/desk combo. You can choose a folding guest bed with a lightweight frame that transforms into a desk when not being slept in. That means you can accommodate guests when they come to stay and stay on top of your paperwork between times.

Slide out beds

If you’ve got a loft room, the sloping roof can present a challenge when it comes to getting a bed in. But creating a storage space that comes out from the roofline – with a built-in bed that slides out – is one clever way to solve the problem. It’ll look like part of the storage when tucked away, leaving others none the wiser.

Need a smart solution?

With a wide range of guest beds on offer, we at Bed Kings can help you find the perfect solution for your home. Browse through our options or contact us today to find out more.