Day beds are a great solution for guest rooms and living rooms, providing a comfy seating area that can be transformed into a cosy bed. Choosing a day bed with storage brings additional benefits – there’s room underneath to tidy away belongings. But what should you keep there and how to you ensure everything stays organised? Here are our top tips on organising your stuff in a storage day bed.

What to store

Typically you’ll find slide-out drawers beneath a day bed with storage – usually two or three, which makes organising the space a little easier. If the bed is in a guest room, the drawers are a handy place to store the bed linen and guest towels. Pop a scented liner into each drawer so that linen and towels always smell fresh for the next guest.

If your wardrobe is running out of space, you can pop shoes and bulky knitwear into the storage compartments, or if your bookshelf or DVD cabinet is running over and you can’t bear to part with the contents, use the day bed stowage to hide away the extras.

Got a day bed in the kids’ room? The storage space is ideal for stowing toys, computer games or school books.

How to organise the space

Of course, you are limited in how much you can slide under a day bed. Luckily, however, there are lots of clever solutions out there to help you make the most of the space. Pick up a couple of drawer dividers with different sections for your things. You can get ones designed for keeping shoes neatly stored, or you can get one with smaller sections for trinkets and keepsakes.

If you have larger items to hide away, think about how often you need them and organise them so that the ones you use most often are at the top. This will save you having to rummage around and then repack the whole drawer to restore order.

Keeping clothes and fabrics flat packed and orderly by using compressed storage bags. Pop in bulky materials and suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner for super space saving, moth-free storage. When it’s time to dig something out, all the other bags will slide back into your drawer as neatly as before.

If the day bed with storage is for your kids, allocate a drawer each and let them decide what they want to store, then help them divide up their separate spaces. You can use dividers or make your own custom partitions with old shelving or wood from your local DIY store. Alternatively, smaller items can go into ice cream tubs or shoe boxes.

Choose your new day bed

If you’re looking to furnish your home with the perfect day bed with storage, why not browse our range of day beds and mattresses here at Bed Kings? With a selection of styles, you’re sure to find the ideal solution.