We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. We sleep, read and relax, and every so often it’s nice to give it a good spruce up to ensure night time is as refreshing as possible.

But how do you get the most from your spring clean? We’ve got a few tips to help you out.
The bed

You can wash most things on your bed – the duvet cover, sheets, under sheet – even the pillows. Start by stripping it down and washing everything on a hot cycle with a mild detergent. Remember that if you have sensitive skin, a non-biological washing powder is advisable as you have your face against the pillow cases. Steer clear of bleach products too, as they can discolour your linen.

If your pillows can be machine washed, pop them on a mild cycle with liquid detergent. You can then dry them with two tennis balls in the machine to fluff them up. Sounds odd, but it really works!

While your linen and pillows are spinning in the machine, take the opportunity to vacuum and rotate your mattress. Not only will that prevent dust mites taking hold, it’ll prolong the life of your mattress too. All this ensures your bed or day bed is a cosy, relaxing place to be.

The wardrobes

It’s a task most face with trepidation, but sorting out your wardrobes will help your whole space feel less cluttered. Take out the things you never wear, or that no longer fit you, and sort them into clothes that can go to charity shops and those that need to go to the recycling depot. Then look at what you have left and make a list of items you need to fill the gaps. Don’t leave shoes out of the mix either – if it’s time to throw that beloved but worn out pair of trainers away, bite the bullet and do it.

If you need space to hand handbags, belts, ties or scarves, think about repurposing shower curtain hooks or investing in a small unit that can be fixed to the inner door of your wardrobe.

The floor

A quick vacuum will see to most bits of fluff and debris on a weekly basis, but your spring clean is the time to be more thorough. Use the vacuum hose to clean along skirting, under furniture and in nooks. If you want to go one step further, you can use a carpet cleaner that uses water to get deeper into the pile and give the floor a more intense clean. Got a wooden floor? Give it a polish to get the lustre back.

Other items

Wooden furniture can be smartened up with a dust over and some polish, and any cushion covers or throws can be washed according to instructions. Don’t forget to dust over the top of doors and on top of bookcases to get rid of all those pesky mites. If your room has a daybed with storage, tidy up the items in the drawers and ensure any chips to the paintwork are remedied if necessary.

To finish off, clean the windows inside and, if possible, out. The light flooding in unobstructed will automatically make everything feel fresher.

Looking to spring clean your bedroom? Is your bed getting old? Contact us to find out more about the different types of day beds we have at Bed Kings.