As winter sets in, it’s an issue that many of us face: we get into a chilly bed at night and are faced with a spell of discomfort until our body heat warms the bed sufficiently for us to drift off.  But this needn’t be the case – here are some of our top tips for staying warm in your bed.

Keep extras to hand

If you have a fixed bed or daybed with storage, this is an ideal place to keep a few extras for the colder months. Store an additional blanket or throw here to increase the warmth if you need it – adding layers to your bed traps warm air keeping you nice and toasty on chilly nights. You can even pop an electric blanket in the storage space and use it to heat the bed a little before you get in at night.

Get a thicker duvet

An easy and reasonably inexpensive way to keep warm in your bed or daybed in winter is to buy a thicker duvet. The amount of warmth provided by a duvet is called a tog rating – the higher this is, the more warmth the duvet provides. You can keep two available: one with a lower tog rating for summer, and one with a higher rating for winter.

Use natural fibre bed linen

Choose bed linen made of natural fibres such as cotton and linen rather than synthetic materials like polyester. These will keep you warmer as they trap the heat but are also breathable, making for the best all-round experience.

Prepare for sleep

As we’ve mentioned above, you can prepare your bed before you get in it for the night with an electric blanket. Popping it between the duvet and the bed sheet for a few minutes before you go to bed will warm the whole area up so its cosy from the moment you climb in.

Not got an electric blanket? A good old fashioned hot water bottle is almost as effective. Many of us climb into bed in winter only to find our feet are cold; putting a hot water bottle at the foot of the bed ensures it’s warm enough to keep your toes toasty while your body temperature does the rest.

Keep the room warm – but not hot!

Keeping the room warm by heating it and closing windows to exclude draughts helps you to stay warm in bed, but remember not to overheat it. Having the bedroom too hot will result in a restless sleep too, so keep the central heating low or off through the main part of the night, and time it to switch on again a short time before you need to get up.

Not feeling warm in your current bed? Contact Bed Kings today to find out more about the different types of day beds we have to keep you warm in winter.