How many times have you stayed in a hotel and wished you could make your bed at home look as great as your hotel bed does? It’s true there’s an art to making the perfect bed, but it’s not such a complex one that you can’t learn it with our little guide.

So, it’s a pull out bed for your guest room that you want to look inviting or your own bed, follow our tips to create a beautifully made bed.
Achieving pristine corners

Well presented corners are the foundation of an excellently made bed. Called ‘hospital corners’, this method ensures the sheet stays taut and delivers an overall neat finish. This is the trickiest part of the whole bed-making process, but you’ll master it in no time.

The technique is the same whether you’re making up a fold up bed or a fixed bed. Tuck each end of the top sheet between the mattress and frame of the bed. Then take a piece of the sheet at the side and fold it over to form a 45-degree angle from the corner of the mattress. Holding this folded part firm, take the rest of the overhanging sheet and tuck it away below the mattress. Repeat this on the other side of the bed and hey presto! You have a beautifully taut sheet that looks inviting.

Adding the duvet

This is a much easier part, and simply involves an eye for precision. Once you’ve popped the duvet into the duvet cover, give it a good shake to ensure there are no ridges or bumps where the duvet isn’t sitting flat inside the cover. Put the duvet onto the bed and smooth it out, keeping the same amount hanging down either side. Then adjust it so that it sits about six inches from the edge of the top sheet at the head of the bed.

Finally, take the top sheet and fold it back over the top edge of the duvet to present a neat and welcoming appearance.

Pillows and throws

To really make the bed look luxurious, plump up the pillows before putting the into their covers, and ensure there are two on each side – the extras can be discarded according to yours or your guests’ needs. Pop them between the headboard and edge of where the top sheet is folded over the duvet.

You can then add finishing touches such as cushions and throws. A throw should be folded lengthways and placed just up from the foot of the bed, while extra cushions can be arranged by the pillows. And there you have it – a cosy, inviting bed for yourself or your guests.

Remember, it’s not just fixed beds that can be made up like this – even a pull out bed or fold up bed deserves some love in the morning! Browse through our guest beds at Bed Kings today to find the perfect sleep solution for your visitors.