We often plan ahead when preparing for guests to arrive – making the guest beds look inviting and cosy, tidying up and laying out fresh towels. But what about when they leave? Cleaning up after them is just as important and gives you a chance to get back to normal at home. But where should you start?

Rubbish removal

If you’ve left a rubbish bin in the guest room, ensure it’s emptied. If wrappers or other rubbish has been left around the room, pop on a pair of disposable gloves and pick it up. Remember to check under the bed and in the en-suite bathroom if you have one.

Guest beds

The next task is to strip the sheets from your guest bed and wash them. Depending on how long your guests have stayed, you may wish to leave the bed without any new sheets for a few hours to let the mattress air. Remember that mattresses need rotating every so often too, so do that if need be. Alternatively, you can make the bed up with fresh linen for the next guests.

If you have a folding guest bed and aren’t expecting any more guests for a while, fold it up and store it away. Again, remove the mattress and let it air if you wish.

Dust and vacuum

Give any furniture that requires it a quick dust and wipe down, such as mirrors, window sills and the bases of bedside lamps. Then give the carpet or flooring a good vacuum clean, taking care to get into corners and under the bed if you can. You can use the nozzle to get behind furniture, do the skirting, or remove fluff or debris from the curtains.


If the room has an en-suite bathroom, this will need cleaning too. Use a soft cloth and good quality product to clean the shower and sink. If you live in an area with hard water, you can also use a limescale remover on taps and plugs to get them shining again. Clean the toilet with a separate cloth or antibacterial wipes, and ensure there is adequate toilet paper for the next guest.

Remove the towels and wash them, and mop the floor, again taking care to get into the corners and around the fittings. You can then replace the towels and any other items such as soaps if you need to.

Check electrics

Finally, flick the lights and TV on to check they are working, and use the remote to ensure it doesn’t need new batteries. If you have provided a bedside clock, make sure it still reads the correct time, and briefly check any other electrical items – such as chargers – that you have provided.

If your guest bedroom needs new furniture, or you’re wondering how to keep your guest bed in good condition, take a look at our products and advice.