The time has come to invest in a new bed. Perhaps your old one is looking tired and you fancy a change, or maybe you’ve moved house and want your new bed to fit the style of the new property. Perhaps you’ve just revamped the guest room and need suitable sleeping arrangements.

Whatever the reason, buying a new bed is both exciting and important. After all, getting it right often means the difference between relaxed, deep sleep and frustrating, restless nights. Here are our top things to consider when you’re shopping for a new bed.

Measure the space

Most master bedrooms have plenty of room for a double, but if you need extra room to stretch out, you’ll want a king or super-king. The first step is to ensure your room can accommodate the extra width and length of a larger bed. Measure up and check that choosing a bigger option won’t obstruct your access to other furniture such as wardrobes. 

If your bed is for a guest room, you may want to consider a pull out bed or fold up bed so that you can maximise the space when nobody is staying.

Choose the right mattress

Choosing the right mattress is essential to a good night’s sleep. The one you pick will be personal to you, so there are no hard and fast rules to getting it right. A general tip, however, is to ensure it supports you properly – when laying on your back, for example, you should be able to slip a hand under the small of your back. Turning on your side, your spine should remain aligned, with pressure distributed evenly across your body.

If you’re buying for a fold up bed in a guest room, opt for a reasonably thick foam mattress that provides comfort but can be stored easily.

Frame up

To ensure the bed doesn’t look out of place in your room, consider the décor that you’ll have. Different types of bed frame suit different styles – a frame with an ornate wooden headboard, for example, would look out of place in a minimalist, Scandinavian style room. Pick colours and materials that suit your theme for maximum harmony when then bed is in situ.

Consider storage

A final aspect to consider when bed shopping is whether you’ll need storage incorporated into the bed design. Many beds come with pull out drawers or in an ottoman style, which lifts up to reveal space for shoes, bags or other belongings. If your home offers limited storage, this is a great way to keep the room tidy, yet still easily access the items when you need them.

Remember, if you’re choosing a pull out bed so you have the flexibility to use it as a single and a double, you will lose any potential storage beneath it.

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