When your kids are starting to grow up, they each deserve a small space of their own – even if it’s just a sleeping area in their shared room. If you’ve got a brood of three and they’re sharing, a great option when it comes to sleeping arrangements is a triple bunk bed.

These come in a range of styles, the most common having a double bed at the bottom with a bunk above. You can, of course, get three singles stacked on top of one another too. But which material is best for your family’s needs?

Here, we compare wooden vs metal triple beds to help you decide.

If you’ve got young children you’ll know that durability needs to take priority over style. Bunk beds in particular are subject to being climbed and crawled on, so the first thing to look for in the frame material is sturdiness. While both metal and wooden triple bunk beds provide stability and durability, metal frames tend to be more slender, while wooden ones are chunky and often offer more contact with the floor. If you choose wood, ensure it’s solid as opposed to particle boards or artificial wood – this will give you better longevity.

The way wood and metal is treated also has an effect on durability. While both materials can succumb to wear and tear, they are coated to reduce this. Metal typically has a powder coating while wood is varnished to protect it from accidental scratches and marks.  


If your kids are old enough to look after their furniture a little better and care about style, you’ll need to ensure their bed frame fits the décor of their room. Metal has a modern, minimalist look and is lightweight meaning it can be moved around if you have kids that like a change in their room layout from time to time. The curved design of a metal frame is also harmonious and aesthetically pleasing.

Wooden frames on the other hand have a warm, inviting feel and can be easily painted to match the colours in the room if necessary. There are often several types available too if you want to go for a natural look – dark oak or walnut matches richer colours while pine is great for neutrals and pastel coloured interiors.


The final point to consider is longevity. Again, this is dependant on the type of metal or wood you choose. Wrought iron, for example, is heavy yet sturdy and lasts for years on end, as does harder wood like oak. These, of course, tend to be on the pricier side too. If your kids are a little older and will likely need different sleeping arrangements in a few years, a more affordable option such as pine or tubular metal could suit you better.

Once you have decided which type of triple bunk bed you want, have a look at our range here at Bed Kings and place your order online.