Whether you live in a two-bed city apartment or a lavish countryside mansion, it’s important to use the space of each room efficiently and that means choosing the right furniture. When it comes to sleeping arrangements there’s a lot to think about. Do you have guests often? Will you need some kind of temporary sleeping solution? Are pull-out mattresses right for you? How can you quickly and easily accommodate those who want to stay over?

It can all get a little overwhelming, so the purpose of this article is to explain the difference between day beds and sofa beds with the aim of helping you to choose the right solution for your spare room.

Sofa beds

First things first, let’s take a closer look at sofa beds and what they are exactly. Sofa beds are primarily used for sitting on. They’re designed to be practical and convenient, offering a great place to relax when alone or when friends and family come and you need somewhere for them to put their feet up. The good news is, sofa beds also fold out and offer a comfortable space for someone to sleep. They come in a range of different sizes from singles to doubles and therefore can accommodate your needs.

Things to consider when buying a sofa bed:
  1. Do you have enough room for a sofa bed? Remember, they fold out so it’s essential to take the dimensions of your room before splashing out on furniture of this kind.
  2. Do you want a single or a double? A double may seem more practical as it can occupy one or two people – but is it appropriate for your spare room or will a single bed look neater?
  3. What design do you want? Sofa beds are made from many different materials including leather and fabric. They also come with a range of different mattress types of your convenience.
Day beds

Unlike sofa beds, daybeds don’t typically fold out. Usually, beds like this are designed to look like a lavish seating area that you can actually sit on and remain at their full-size at all times. They usually come with a sturdy slatted wooden base and a choice of comfortable mattresses which are as comfortable to sit on as they are to sleep on.

Double day beds are also available and make for a wonderful feature of any room including a spare room. Day beds can be decorated with throws and cushions in the daytime and replaced with pillows and duvets at nights. Some even offer under-bed storage to help keep sheets and other bedding out of sight when they’re not needed.

Things to consider when buying a day bed:
  1. What size should you go for? If you need a double bed remember day beds usually remain at their true size and will occupy a lot of space.
  2. Do you want a bed that’s constantly on display or would you prefer a fold-up option that slips underneath your existing bed and can be pulled out when needed?
  3. What material would look best with your décor? Day beds typically come in wood or metal, so consider which will be best for your needs.

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