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Day Bed

Day Bed

A day bed is a versatile solution for any home, offering both a place to sit and relax and a place for you or your guests to sleep. Daybeds are similar to ordinary beds in that they have a mattress and headboard, but where they differ is the long backboard that provides a backrest when they’re being used for seating.

A range of day beds is available at Bed Kings, including ones with a trundle that pulls out to accommodate two people, and ones with storage options. Each and every bed we supply is of good quality, meaning you can be assured of a comfy night’s sleep. Our products come in a range of sizes and styles, enabling you to find the perfect option to match your space, budget and décor.

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Types of day bed

Day beds with trundles are great if you have a variety of different needs when it comes to accommodating guests. As a single bed they are ideal for a single guest or child, but they also have the option of being turned into a double bed thanks to the trundle. This can be easily pulled out and raised to the height of the fixed mattress, providing a comfortable and secure place for two people to sleep.

If you only require a twin sized bed but need to store items beneath it, choose a daybed with storage. These feature drawers underneath the mattress that enable you to put bed linen and pillows or other items away safely and out of sight, keeping the room uncluttered. These are especially useful if you have limited space in the room in which you intend to put the bed, or if you require seating when you don’t have guests.

Pros and cons of day beds

+ Daybeds are a highly versatile option, enabling you to switch between providing guests with a comfy bed or seating area whenever you need to.

+ Day beds typically offer more storage than regular beds, since there is more height between the mattress and the floor.

+ Daybeds can be used in the living room in place of a sofa bed thanks to the seating they offer.

+ Day beds are normally better value than sofa beds, and a daybed with storage provides the added advantage of a space beneath to store items and keep the room tidy.

- The full-length backboard on a daybed can mean it’s inconvenient to place anywhere other than against a wall.

- If your guests have back problems, daybeds may not be the best option as the mattresses are more basic than on a regular bed.

Choosing your day bed

When choosing your day bed, remember to measure the space you have available and choose a style that matches the style and décor of your room. To guarantee quality, it’s also worth checking that the supplier is a member of the National Bed Federation.

Find out more about the Day beds available at Bed Kings by browsing through our listings here. 

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