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What is a guest bed?

guest bedWhen you own a home, it’s inevitable that you’ll have people to stay. That means investing in one or more guest beds. A huge variety of options are available here at Bed Kings, from regular single and double beds to folding guest beds that can be stored away when not in use.

For such a simple thing – a bed in which your guests sleep when they visit – a guest bed can be a difficult item to choose. Before purchasing, you’ll need to determine which room the bed will go into and assess the size of the space. This will dictate what type of solution you choose.

Types of guest bed

If you have spare bedrooms that will be used specifically for accommodating guests, you’ll probably choose ordinary beds. If, however, you have a smaller space or want to use the rooms for other purposes when people aren’t staying, you may opt for a pull-out bed or day bed. Many of these models can be used as double beds when necessary, but don’t take up the same space as a regular double bed day-to-day. A pull-out option is good if you need a single bed more often, while a day bed is best if you need seating as well as a place for guests to sleep.

Alternatively, you may need an option that can be packed away neatly. In such cases, folding guest beds are the ideal solution, providing a simple way to accommodate guests and enabling you to retain valuable floorspace when not needed. They can be set up anywhere, which means they can be used for a children’s sleepover or for older relatives.

Choosing your guest bed

Follow these simple tips to ensure you choose the guest beds that are best suited to your home:

  1. Measure your room to ensure the model you pick will fit. When subsequently browsing beds, be sure to look at the measurements for both length and width to avoid too tight a fit.
  2. Pick a style that matches the other features of your room. If, for example, your room has modern décor, a shabby chic style guest bed may look a bit out of place.
  3. Think about whether you need storage space under your bed to house linen or other items. If so, a divan bed or similar may be the wisest choice.
  4. If you have a large bedroom, give your guests room to spread out by choosing a king size bed. Extra width can often encourage a better night’s sleep.

Why use Bed Kings?

At Bed Kings, all our guest beds offer a comfortable night’s sleep, so you can buy in the knowledge that your guests will enjoy a restful stay. Our suppliers are all members of the National Bed Federation, meaning you can be assured of high quality, whichever bed you decide to buy. In addition, our products come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your budget, space and interior design.

Find out more about our guest beds at Bed Kings by browsing through our website or contacting our friendly team today by phone or email.